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Relieved AF

I just returned home from an extremely successful week at Canadian Championships and I feel accomplished, exhausted but above all, I feel relieved! You see in my 13 years as a national level coach I’ve been blessed with a high … Continue reading

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59 – eyes wide open

I want to talk to you about one of my biggest influences in life. A person who has taught me a lot, helped me through a lot and has helped shape the man I am today. I want to talk … Continue reading

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Just live with it?

Everyday in life you have to make choices about your present that influences your future in both minor and major ways. Sometimes the path is a clear and obvious one where as other times you are trying to see through … Continue reading

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30 and Fabulous?

The days of being a 20 something have come and gone. As of last Tuesday, I am now in my dirty thirties. About 3 years ago now, I started picturing what my life would be like when I started my … Continue reading

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The big but close move

I sold my house! I thought I would be more excited to write that. Let me try again… I SOLD my house! Nope same feeling. I am moving less than 5 minutes into a sweet loft condo. I think condo … Continue reading

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Trust: a loaded word

Websters dictionary defines trust as the: “firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something”. What if doesn’t say in the definition is that trust is easy until it’s broken and then it seems nearly impossible … Continue reading

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How well do we know the people we date?

“I can’t bring a whore home to momma.” That was a line recently used on my friend GBP when breaking up with her boyfriend. After 9 months of exclusive dating, meeting the friends and mostly good times, a simple question … Continue reading

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