59 – eyes wide open

I want to talk to you about one of my biggest influences in life. A person who has taught me a lot, helped me through a lot and has helped shape the man I am today. I want to talk about my godmother Gisele Vachon.

My aunt turned 59 this week 😮😮😮 it’s weird to even type that because my memories of 25 years ago are still so vivid and pure. To me she’s still the aunt that would come watch my gymnastics practices with my mom. They would sit there together and knit things while I went through my 4 hr trainings. Making friends with other parents while occasionally looking up and seeing what I was up to.

She must have come to almost every training for 6-8 years. 3-4 days a week of 4 hr trainings. She worked in the city I trained in so she’s after just meet us there and watch for a bit or she’d actually join us for the ride depending on her schedule. If my mom couldn’t drive me for whatever reason, she would. She was always a big supporter of my drive in sport.

As I got older, the relationship changed. I wasn’t a kid anymore and so our gym chats turned into life chats. It transitioned into a friendship more than a family tie. We are really similar, like obnoxiously so. I often joke that my oldest sister is my mother, the middle one my father and that I am my aunt hahah both of us are single working girls!

We have conversations about what scares us. What makes us anxious and what makes us self conscious. We talk about our goals, our inner dark secrets and about what we wish we could take back. We have shared so much together! I even got to be with her for her first time on an airplane! We took a 4 day vaca to Mexico and it was insanely fun. Sharing first experiences with someone is actually the coolest thing. It makes you feel like you are contributing to something bigger than you. Enhancing someone’s life and shaping their outlook.

Anyways, the point of this post was to say that I’m proud of her because she is finally starting to care about herself. The majority of my life I’ve watched her dedicate her time to her nieces and nephews as well as to her work even if it was detrimental to her health and personal development. But in the last year something shifted. She’s now healthier than I can remember her being, her body image is way better and her ability to release control outside factors has improved. She is starting to embrace her changing world and be more open to new experiences. She is LIVING!

When I think of her, I think of someone who is funny, kind, curious, intelligent, loving, accepting, caring, strong and independent.

So I’m going to LIVE with her so that I can help her have the full visual experience of the world that i have been so privileged to see myself.

A quarter of a century separates us in age, but less than a inch separates us in our hearts. Happy 59th Birthday matante. I hope you celebrated yourself for all the amazing things you are. I hate that we are getting older but I have faith that we are only getting better. I love you.

Apologies: This post is sloppy and it’s disorganized and I tried rewriting it a few times but for some reason when it comes to talking about my aunt or my parents, I can’t keep my shit together. Probably cause they have altered their world to make sure mine was better and partly because I don’t see them as often as I wish I could and definitely because I know I don’t get to have them forever. But it’s honest…

Den XO

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2 Responses to 59 – eyes wide open

  1. Tab says:

    That was so beautifully said. You are so kind and generous to take the time to appreciate the amazing relationship you have. Makes me smile. ♥️

  2. Diane cowan says:

    Tears are rolling down my face! That would mean so much to her…you rock! So does your aunt.

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