Time to reboot

I am happy however I am not satisfied.

We all make decisions. I don’t regret mine. I believe you learn from all choices and that growth is the most powerful and empowering part of life when embraced.

That being said, I’ve chosen to live the last few years as mostly a  passenger in life. I compromised myself, my goals, my ambitions, my values and a lot of my time for people and opportunities I just didn’t know how to say no to. Fear of the unknown and potential judgement held me back.

Now, I am ready.

A new age is bringing with it a renewed level of accountability, drive and passion. I’m using it as my fresh start, my reboot. Setting myself some guidelines and goals in order to help me be the best me I can be and stay true to the real me.

I’m going to…

STOP letting other people’s negative attitudes and words affect my day and how I see myself

START putting effort into myself every morning even if I’m “just going to work”

CONTINUE singing all day everyday even if I’m off key because it makes me happy

STOP pretending I have it all together and embrace vulnerability

START being 100% honest even if I know it will be a shock and hard to hear

CONTINUE  posting shamelessly on social media (unfollow me if you aren’t a fan of it)

STOP feeling sorry for myself about being single and sometimes lonely! My life is too grand to be spent feeling like that

START travelling for experiences not just competitions

CONTINUE putting myself out there and meeting interesting people

STOP avoiding working out and blaming my past sport memories for it… I’m not an athlete anymore, I don’t have to be that crazy anymore, I can break that habit

START reading more, Netflix can wait

CONTINUE being unapologetically myself

STOP putting my work life ahead of my personal life. I don’t want my career to define me

START letting go of things I cant control or change

CONTINUE smiling… a great man once told me it was my best feature and I like to think he was right

I am going to live life inspired and ready to inspire.

I’m channeling my inner Carrie Bradshaw when I say that I am going to be 33 and fabulous, exclamation point!

Are you making the most out of your life? Good news, you are still here and you can start now. C’mon, you are strong enough to take charge. Good Luck.

Fun, Fierce & Fabulous
Den XO


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