Just live with it?

Everyday in life you have to make choices about your present that influences your future in both minor and major ways. Sometimes the path is a clear and obvious one where as other times you are trying to see through fog to determine the best way.  Neither decision is more valuable as often the biggest changes in our lives stem from small ones we didn’t even realize we made.

So about those hard ones… can they be reversed? Can you admit fault and reverse to change the path. Is everything final? Do certain options have expiration dates that you may just have to live with and let go of.  Or can grit, passion and resolve overcome it?

My youth led to some poor grown up sized decisions. Choices I made on a whim, without full information, without due processing and out of fear. 

I played cautiously in life out of fear of failure, fear of the unknown and fear of judgement.

I still picture it, picture him, picture life. 

I still dream…

Den XO

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