In your wildest dreams

Fantasies… We all have them 🙂

I’ve fantasized about my future husband, home and lifestyle for about 15 years now. The vision hasn’t always been the same, it’s been evolving throughout my adult life based on relationship experiences or should I say failed experiences. Here is where I am now.

The man. He is intelligent, has a genuine kindness to his face and a laugh that can’t help but bring a smile to my face. He is successful and incredibly hardworking. That passion has made him wealthy enough to afford some luxuries but he doesn’t flaunt it, he doesn’t need to. He loves my passion for work, my never ending love for sport and the discipline I have to maintain my physique and be successful in my own world. He is taller than me and bursting with charm. His “je ne sait quoi” can only be identified by me and classified into one word, he has: Class.

The home. Stunningly decoraded and finished with the finer touches of everything. In a downtown area where everything is accessible but so well furnished that all you want to do is be home on the couch with him or in the kitchen trying (probably failing) to create a masterpiece meal, or entertaining a group of your closest friends because the rooms are just too inviting to not share them with the best people in your life. The bed is only a queen because although it’s great to sprawl, you don’t want a space so big he can get too far away from you. The only word to describe it is: Classy. 

The lifestyle. Dinner at a lush and fancy restaurant that everyone in town is dying to get into and he just makes a call and it happens because it’s your “place”. You don’t have vacations, you have adventures! Crazy trips to places around the globe where the excitement is in trying new things and feeling adrenaline. You never vacation the same place twice. The surprises 🙂 random flowers delivered to you at work or love letters not because of an occasion but just cause you feel like doing it. Weekend getaways to Paris where you share banana & Nutella crepes by the Eiffel Tower at the carousel on the south side of the river of course, all because he just wanted to surprise you with an amazing date. Chivalry at its finest and only class.

The relationship. Cute text messages at random points throughout the day to put a random smile on your face. Hell, you probably smile when you see his name pop up in your phone before even having read the message. You want to spend your life with him but you feel comfortable and confident enough in the relationship that you don’t need to message from morning till night. You prefer to live your day and just talk about it later over dinner. You both are busy following your passions and although it means you don’t get as much together time as you wish for, you have too much mutual respect for each other’s ambitions to let it become an issue. You treasure the time you spend together and appreciate it more because of the one you spend apart. Love at its finest.

It’s as though your life is fairytale that only exists in a book or on Disney movies. You are Aurora and he is Prince Phillip and you walked with him once upon a dream.

Yeah, I realize it’s an extremely detailed fantasy but I like to believe that sometimes fairy tales come true and sometimes people do live happy ever after…

Den XO

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