Maybe we don’t get to have it all

I’ve been reading up a lot lately on peak athletic performances and championship winning athletes and one thing has become very clear. None of them managed to have the greatest successes while balancing sport, career and a relationship. It’s made me really start to question, can we truly have it all?

I mean obviously you can right? But can you have them all at the same time. All the amazing athletes I know only have 2 out of 3 while achieving their sporting goals. Is it due to a lot of time? Are there really not enough hours in a day?

Being an international athlete is a full time job. People train 15-30 hours a week, watch their diet, alter their social outings and rest as much as possible to avoid burn out.

A full time job is 30-40 hrs a week plus your commute, potential extra work at home to prep unless of course you are just getting established in your field, in which case, you work double time to ensure you make a great impression. This career will be pay your mortgage after all.

Relationships have no off switch, no punch out clock and no set hours for “practice”. You have your commitments to your family, your new commitments to their family and of course the commitment to a lack of selfishness. It’s a full time job in itself! A rewarding one no doubt but a full time job.

With each item requiring  such large amounts of time, such intensity and such dedication. It’s no wonder the people who I see trying to balance all 3 struggle on at least one, and it’s usually the sporting career. Work and relationships are emotionally and mentally exhausting. That doesn’t leave you with a lot of strength to focus on sport, especially not international level.

Is the key to achieving your athletic goals to hold off on some of your other ones? Does limiting your tasks and scope increase performance and personal achievement? In my experience, it does. 

My most successful friends in sport, business and relationships all have one thing in common. They only ever focused on crushing 2 out of the 3 at a time. 

I know I want it all, however I also know I will never settle for being mediocre… At anything. 

Den XO

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