Eventually the clouds part…

I was once told the most valuable thing for me to learn to do would be to see my problems as storm clouds. You see whether a light drizzle or a hurricane, all storms eventually pass. The only way to get stuck in a storm is to continue to chase after it. If you just stood still, it would eventually pass you and the sun would shine again.

I can honestly say that my sun is shinning. It took me almost a year to fully understand that metaphor and how to apply it however now I’m crushing it.

When you let the storm run its course and pass, you discover some amazing opportunities and paths that were blocked off to you by the negativity of the storm. 

While my path is not yet complete, I can tell you that everyday I feel like a new brick is laid down and my ultimate destiny becomes stronger and brighter. 

I thought the storm of 7 months ago was the end of my world. I’m so excited that it’s turned out to be my beginning. 

Let your storms pass my friends, and then shine brighter than you ever thought possible. It feels fantastic.

Den XO

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