Enter bachelor number 3

McBuff is HOT! This man is all muscle and he knows his bod is rocking. Definitely the hottest of the men in my life at the moment.

He is in the service industry and let me assure you he is good at what he does. This well kept man has a low bullshit tolerance and a laugh that could steal anyone’s attention. It is simply captivating.

I was set up with McBuff by a friend of mine who just wanted to see two “great guys” end up together. Drinks and apps turned into a nearly 5 hour date where the topics were boundary less and the laughs constant. I found it very friend like at first however with each passing day since the date I’ve found myself more intrigued to know more about this beautiful man. It’s rare that we go 24 hours without speaking and not just a quick “hey how was your day” kind of thing.

I like how he takes care of his body and understands my obsession with fitness. I like the fact that he wasn’t afraid to open the “X Files” and be open to all topics of conversation. People often chose to be insanely private or on their best behaviour when getting to know a new potential suitor. It felt like we were just ourselves. Most of all, I like the face he made when he laughed! It was just so genuine, adorable and attractive. He is completely different from Super Mario and from Prada yet it all works.

You just can’t fake conversation like this. It’s too fun and it’s so natural.

He had everything I could ask for in a man. All we need o figure out is where we stand on the chemistry scale. Are we fireworks, sparks or a match that just won’t take. To be continued I suppose…

Den XO

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