Ugh my all time favourite word. Doesn’t it just roll off your tongue? It has such a rich, sophisticate, strong and did I mention rich sound to it. I firmly believe everyone needs a little Prada in their life.

My Mr. Prada is a good man. He is intelligent, handsome, sophisticated and very calm. A lawyer by day and a nice guy by night, this isn’t the first time we have started the relationship tug of war. A few years ago, we dated for a bit until I ended it. We never got serious because I knew that pursuing him fully could potentially end in marriage and at that point in my life I simply wasn’t ready. I was still mentally hung up on Judas and so I looked for any flaws in everyone I dated. His flaw: he was too nice… I realize that sounds crazy to you, believe me it now also sounds crazy to say it. I had become so used to a dramatic relationship that I forgot a good relationship is nearly always drama free.

Fast forward almost 2 years and out of no where a text from him asking me how I am doing and telling me I was still looking great! I guess he saw a pic f me somewhere on facebook. I was shocked to hear from him but also happy. He truly is one of those genuine nice guys that has somehow not been snatched up yet. A message from him was nice, a compliment was even better 🙂

We flirted for a few weeks, exchanged holiday as well as new years wishes. And luckily our lives slowed down enough to meet up again. It was like no time had passed at all. Our dinner conversation was filled with quick witted banter, constant flirting and some suggestive comments. Most importantly though, it was filled with laughs. I was my diva, high maintenance self and he just called me out on my shit and made fun of me for it. It wasn’t insulting, it was refreshing. A man that finds my quirks obnoxious and yet wants to hear more about them.

We hung out at his place, watched a movie and just talked, laughed and clearly got close. It was so easy! On paper he isn’t the physical man I picture myself with for life. Instead of a jock, he is a nerd, rather than the life of the party, he has a quiet confidence and where toughness and aggression would normally show, he is sensitive and soft. He does however share my same vision in regards to lifestyle (loves Prada), deal breakers and friendship. Brands are not shunned, they are fun! Trips aren’t too expensive, they are necessary, a nice meal can be found in a 5 star restaurant or in your home and a fun night can be at a bar or playing games with friends. He doesn’t take himself too seriously and laughs quite a bit at himself. It is an attractive quality no doubt.

Maybe we didn’t have fireworks or kisses that gave me goosebumps but we have chemistry on every level not just the physical. He is clear on where he is in life, what he wants and where I fit into the picture and so am I. There’s no games, no pulling teeth and no guessing. The best way to describe it is comfortable. I could just be.

I guess time will only tell whether I become his Gabrielle Solice. All I know is, the more I think about it, the more I want to. And let’s be honest, I would make one hot desperate husband.

Den XO

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  1. I’m always hoping that this will happen to me, someone I kind of dated previously in life will just reappear a year or two later. Lucky you.

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