Let the games begin!

The dating game can be one of the most fun things to play for a single person. Not only do you get to meet new people, you get the pleasure of dining in new restaurants, trying new activities and indulging in casual flirting!

I’m just starting to get out there and I am so excited about the single men out in the world. My world is being rocked by 3 pretty amazing yet completely different guys. These men may not be the one or even my next relationship however they are giving me hope that the one is out there and ready to be scooped up.

Ready to join me in the dating world and hear about these boys! Naturally, I will be giving them nicknames as I’ve done with all my past men. But don’t you worry, the name is the only detail I will spare. Everything else is fair game šŸ™‚

Since I find each of them quite interesting, they will each receive their own post.

I hope you enjoy this round of my dating life as much as I am currently.

Den XO

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