The one thing worse than hate.

In this current day and age we use a range of words/expressions between love and hate when discussing how we feel about situations, food, TV shows and of course people.

The positive side includes the words love, like and growing on me. Naturally, these are good things and we reserve the most powerful one for super special things. After growing on me, you sit on the fence and sometimes tip onto the negative side where you will find not a fan, dislike and of course the all mighty hate.

Everyone enjoys using the extremes as if they are the most powerful. I agree that love is probably the top positive word you can use to show a happy feeling but when it comes to hate, well I believe we forget there is one thing worse than hate… Indifferent.

Indifferent: having no particular interest or sympathy; unconcerned.

I think this is far worse than hate. If you feel indifferent towards someone it means you no longer care for what happens to them whether it’s great or terrible. It means that you can’t feel for them in bad situations, when disaster strikes or when karma finally makes its way into the picture. It’s one of the worse things someone can feel towards you and yet one of the greatest realizations you can have in regards to someone else.

Love and hate may be on opposite ends of the spectrum but they have one thing in common. In order to have either, you have to care. So the next time someone tells you they hate you just remember that means you still matter to them.

If they tell you that your life is indifferent to them well, you know you have lost them. And some things in life you never get back.

Den XO

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