You hear a lot of talk about the importance of finding true love, your soulmate or the one but what people neglect to teach you is that you’ve known your first love since the day you came into this world. It’s yourself…

In a world where judgement is part of the daily routine, we often hear people talking about everything they need to change about themselves both physically and psychologically. Everyone seems to be searching to be healthier, look younger, be more fit and just overall more attractive. It is socially accepted that people spend far more time discussing what they hate about themselves than what they love.

We want to be as perfect as we can be on order to catch the one! Our insecurities take over and we begin to alter ourselves to better hide the things we are embarrassed or ashamed of showing.

Since March, I’ve been on the journey of self love! I’ve been digging deep within myself to find my inner me, the guy that smiles uncontrollably, the one who dances to his favourite songs no matter who is watching or sings at the top of his lungs no matter who is listening. I’m learning that the best way to live is to embrace yourself for the amazing things you are instead of hating on yourself for the places you may be weak.

I can be passive aggressive, moody, jealous, irritable and irrational. I can be self-destructive, self- serving and well just plain old selfish. However I’m also kind, a great friend and incredibly loyal and trustworthy. I am filled with both good and bad!

I tell myself at least 5 nice things a day. You can call me vain if you want, that’s fine, but I love my legs, my abs and my smile and I’ll show them off as often as possible. Not because I need people to notice but because I need to notice. I remind myself of my accomplishments both athletically and work related. And I also ensure tell myself about how lucky I am to be me! I also don’t leave my house for the day until I feel absolutely confident in my appearance and self-worth.

Katy Perry sings “Unconditionally” about a great love that she will never stop feeling for. I think we need to take that anthem and empower ourselves to be in love with ourselves.

The most important relationship one person can have is with themselves. You decide what makes you happy, you decide who you surround yourself with and ultimately you decide whether or not other peoples opinions affect you. The truth is, if your happy and content with yourself, there is nothing anyone can do to bring you down. You are your best cheerleader and you are the one who needs to stand by your choices if you expect others to support them.

So love your wrinkles, your loud obnoxious laugh or your bad hair days. Embrace the fact that your tone death, that you never deliver the punch line right and that your socks just never seem to match. Truth is when you meet the right person, they won’t notice any of those things. They will just see you as the sun their planet rotates around.

I can’t guarantee that I wont end up single forever, or that I won’t end up loosing my athlete body, and I may even one day look like I’ve grown old. But I can guarantee you one thing…

I will be insanely happy because everyday when I wake up I will love ME unconditionally!

Den XO

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