Do you promise to tell the truth…

I am having a great time meeting all these new people from my many social networking app. From the traveller, to the diehard student and of course the teacher, these men are slowly bringing me back to life and lighting the hope of a happy relationship future. They show me that great guys are out there.

I must admit however that despite the excitement they are creating for me, I can’t help but be reminded of the lost one, Judas. He won’t leave the back of my mind. I haven’t revealed the whole story behind our relationship and breakup because for some reason I feel embarrassed by it’s outcome. Unfortunately I think until I let it all out I won’t be able to move forward.

The things he told me pre and and post breakup. The intimate and intense questions he answered yes to. Some of them were life changing, yet I still keep them to myself.

I know the truth always comes out in the end, but does it truly set you free? Will the truth just stimulate more questions? Will it ruin any chance at regaining trust?

In a court of law, people swear to tell the whole truth about topics far more serious than a break up, so then why can’t I? Or why can’t he for that matter?

“It’s not bad thing to fall in love with me” – thanks JT, you just released my relationship anthem. I will let the whole story out soon, I can’t keep holding into it. I feel like I am lying to the people who mean the most to me by not letting them in.

One day soon, I’ll be free.

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