Has genuineness gone out of style?

Call me old fashion but I believe the best way to get someone to like you is to be 100% yourself. You are who you are so embrace it, celebrate it and be confident with it. Am I one of the few single homos who think that?

I am back in the dating world and although there has been plenty of entertainment, there seems to be very little promise in the world. Let me just run you through a few of the guys. Ready?

Bachelor #1 Profile: 5’9, 170 lbs, into crossfit, claims chivalry isn’t dead
We decide that a proper wine and dine is the best option or a first meeting. He offers to pick me up, pay the bill and show me that gentleman still exists . Obviously with my recent dating history I was pumped at he prospect of a top knotch bachelor. Oh man, I need investigate better before agreeing to these dates :s

I get in the car, he is 5’7 and 180+! I guess those pics weren’t up to date and neither was the crossfit training? Ok so strike 1 for appearance. The conversation was just brutal! He spent the entire ride telling me about how he makes so much money, could easily own a mansion in my city for the price f his TO condo blah blah blah… Strike 2: needing to flex his financial muscles. At the bar, I asked about his interest in crossfit (I had to, it was just too easy). Apparently he hasn’t done it in 5 months because he has been busy and he then proceeds to start bitching about those young skinny guys who only have their 6 pack workout twice a day but can’t lift to save her life. Umm open your eyes dude!! I am one of those guys! Until November I was the two a day work out guy and now I only work out so I don’t lose my six pack ahaha Strike 3: making fun of the kind of guy you took out. I swear every time he opened his mouth I reached for my Cosmo so I didn’t punch him! Thank jesus the waitress kept them coming. The buzz helped me drown out the whining and complaining.

Look I don’t care what you look like or what your into but be up front about it. Don’t present yourself as a stud when you are really a dud! It’s the biggest turn off. I am choosing to chalk up his stupid comments to first date jitters, I am sure he isn’t a bad guy but I can handle people who need to lie to make themselves more appealing or accepted. NEXT!

Bachelor #2 Profile: ready for more, honesty comes first, not into games
Sounds promising right? He was cute, fit, intelligent and very driven with what he wants out of the future.

I meet him in Toronto for dinner, drinks and hangout. I bring an overnight bag just in case things go well or I drink a little too much ;). The conversation is great. We both have the same outlook when it comes to dating. It takes more than a date before you know if there is potential between two people. Starting something just as friends always works better and less expectations equals more fun.

So we hang out, eat dinner, have drinks. He encourages me to have multiple, obviously I don’t oppose. The conversation is flirty, fun, interesting and very stimulating. We spend most of the night just laughing! I spend the night in a pg 13 manner and when I leave the next day I’m feeling like I made a new friend and connection. That is until 3 days later when he tells me he didn’t feel romantic chemistry. Ummm hold up here… This is coming from the same guy who said that isn’t what he was looking for from our hang out. The guy who believed friends should happen first? Did I miss something? Again dude, why say your looking for friends and then jump into romantic thoughts? Why pretend your not looking for a spark and boyfriend? Men are so confusing!!

Do genuine people still exist? Have they gone extinct like T-Rex?


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