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Destined for friendship or failure

Almost 2 months after our break up, I still have trouble seeing my ex without being filled with a variety of emotions. Rage, pain, disappointment, more rage, sadnessĀ and again more anger are among the common ones. Since not seeing him … Continue reading

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Break Up Rules – stupid or survival?

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to how to best move on from a break up. I mean they happen and they hurt like hell but do they really have to? How long are they allowed to? How can … Continue reading

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Misplaced hate

I was running through my recent relationship drama while working out tonight when the anger really hit me. Reliving the moments in my head made incredibly annoyed, frustrated and quite frankly pissed off! I was suddenly so mad at myself… … Continue reading

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Does what doesn’t kill you actually make you stronger?

I’ve been having a rough time lately with a failed relationship. I thought it was going so well. It was moving at a slow pace however it was the pace I felt was best for the two of us. After … Continue reading

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