Nobody, Flirt, Like, Love, the ONE = Complicated?

MEN!! They add nothing but stress to my life. I find I have a difficult time figuring out what my true feelings are for a man. They way I see it, there are 5 ind of relationships for gays: loser wannabe’s, men you flirt with, men you like, men you can love and of course the ONE!

Loser Wannabe’s:
These guys are just dumb. They are nice at first meeting but then you realize they are dead beats. They are the guys who will never leave their parents house, have no meaningful future, have no purpose in your life, but beware because at first they are very good at posing and acting above their potential. Give them 3 days or a few drinks and they will show their true colors.

They are good men! They are almost always cute or have a hidden charm to them but you know that there is no future there because your views and goals simply don’t mesh. These boys are so easy to pick out, it’s rare for you to confuse a flirt for something more. They are just the guys that help your confidence with their words and flirty ways. Their fun text often put a smile on your face 🙂

UGH the group you love to hate! This group is the confidence and hope killer. These boys fit your expectations when it comes to looks, life path, goals and personality traits! The tough part is your feelings for them pick up quick, you see a future with them, you see their personal potential, and you start to get lost in the fun of something new and exciting. It’s ok, its human nature to be curious. There is probably some crazy sexual tension there too which is fine to act upon lol and that’s natural! Unfortunately, when 3 months rolls around, you start to realize that the fun phase is over and this person has a lot of annoying habits that you just could not handle over a long period of time. You get bored and come to the conclusion that the fun is over. When these relationships end you always feel that all hope is lost for you when it comes to love. You think “ugh another great guy that just didn’t cut it for me”. These guys suck the life from you…

Well these men are terrific. They have all the qualities you could ever ask for from a guy! They take your world by storm and help bring back that so-called “joie de vie” you once had. These men make your heart beat fast when they walk in the room. Your gaze can’t help but find them when they are near. Your feel comfortable, you feel safe, you feel happy… unfortunately you don’t feel complete! Don’t get me wrong, you love them to pieces and you would do anything to make sure nothing bad ever happened to them but you don’t feel it in your gut. When you close your eyes and picture yourself as an old old man, they aren’t in the picture with you. They are the ones though, that you realize you wouldn’t have been the same without. They will leave a lasting impression on your heart, but they won’t own it.

the ONE:
You know this one is the best but can also be the worst. The hardest thing about finding the ONE is that they don’t have to hit any of your requirements but they leave you breathless and needing more! They can evolve from friendship, which can be blind siding for you or they can just show up one day and catch your eye sight then never leave it. Either way, the ONE is the guy who you love for so many reasons that you just can’t seem to pick one if asked. He overwhelms your brain and your heart. He completes you, brings the best out of you and makes you feel like a better person. Toughest part about this guy, there is no way to predict when or where you will find him.

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