New Years Resolutions!

A new year is here and a great time to start new habits and eliminate old ones is upon us. I couldn’t pick one single resolution this year because there are simply too many things I strongly feel I need to tackle in my life. So here is what I have so far!

1- Drink more water and less coffee! Right now I average about 3 cups of coffee a day :s which is not such a positive statement. I also go some days without having any water at all! Now that’s just stupid! So my new goal is a litre of water a day and a maximum of 2 coffees. I think 1 in the morning and one mid day should be plenty. I’m doing great at this so far :p

2- Pick a bedtime! I’ve always been a night owl however it’s getting out of hand and I’m starting to wish I could be up earlier to get chores and errands done with. So my new bedtime on work nights is 1:00am.

3- No alcohol 2 weeks prior to any competitions. I made this compromise last year and was happy with it’s success. It allows me to keep a balance between life as an adult and life as an athlete. It also continues to show to myself that I want to be a good athlete and have the drive to make sacrifices in pursuit of my goals!

4- Ditch the dating sites/apps. I am a member of PlentyOfFish as well as Grindr and although I’ve met a few good people on there, for the most part they are horny little pigs who’s attitudes don’t match what they claim to be seeking. I also think I use it as a crutch and an opportunity to stay in and socialize rather then get out there and see what the world has to offer.

5- Make more time for friends! I have some pretty amazing people in my life whom I don’t get to see because i’m “busy” but really it’s an excuse because I get tired. This year I want to make more opportunities to hang out with those people and make sure they know I want them in my life.

6- Host more get together’s. I’ve been in my beautiful home now for 2 full years and I think it’s time I started using it to it’s full potential. I’m gonna throw more games nights and potlucks for me and my friends. It also ties into the last resolution beautifully!

7- Lose the judgemental attitude! This year whenever I think a bad thought about someone, I am going to force myself to think of a good one. Why throw more negative thoughts into the atmosphere. I’m gonna start being a good boy and look at the good things people have going for them rather then making fun of the bad.

8- Smile more! Simple and yet very powerful. Smiles can make peoples days and change attitudes in seconds. I’ve been told I have a nice one so I’m going to show it off a little more.

Well that is all of them! WOW 8 haha I guess I have a lot of work to do! It’s all worth it though. I’m gonna be a better me in 2012.

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