2011 in Review – The Good!

Here is some of the things that went well for me in 2011! I hope many of them can be recreated in 2012!!

I made my comeback to competitive double mini trampoline this year! It was something that was just itching inside of me for too long and there for I thought it would be best to give it a go. Some results were extremely positive. In March I was sent to South Africa with the National Team and won my first international competition. I have an impressive streak of Silver medals so this meant a great deal to me. In November, I was selected to compete on the World Championship Team! We came first and are now once again World Champions. I am so happy to be a 3-time World Team Champion. I don’t think I could ever get sick of saying that. I also placed 5th individually which made me very proud and like there is still room for me at the top of this sport!

The world was my stage this year 🙂 I spent 2 weeks in South Africa and got to experience Safari’s as well as get to give back and inspire future sportsmen! China was my next trip and it did not disappoint! It was HOT everyday and full of amazing surprises. I know everyone says everything is bigger in Texas but I wonder if they’ve visited China because everything there was HUGE! I hit up Germany in September and it was charming as usual. The fall brought me to the caribbean and a trip that could never be forgotten. The warm air and positive vibe of Haiti, Jamaica and Mexico! I miss that sunshine everyday! I finifhed my year with a week in Birmingham England. Once again Europe showed me it’s heart with it’s beautiful squares, enchanting festivals and it’s classic cobble stone roads. Just breathtaking!

We welcomed a new baby to the family. That means I am now an uncle 2times over and both girls are just fabulous!

The best part of my year was definitely the amount of growth I saw develop in my friendship. I was surrounded by what I feel is the Worlds Best People! My friends were always ready to cheer me up, ground me, laugh at or with me and of course make me feel loved. I don’t think I could ever express how thankful I am for them.

These are the good things I hope to remember when I look back years from now. After reading this over I realized 2011 wasn’t actually so bad to me afterall…

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