2011 in Review – the bad

Well I’m gonna be real here, I am not sad that 2011 has come to an end! I had some of the worst moments ever this year. I think I spent 9 of the 12 months unhappy and in a sour mood! Too much sadness, frustration, drama and unecessary pain!

Well I had my first real injury in my sporting career. I pulled my adductor, groin, hip flexor and lower ab all on my left side in mid-May. It’s now end of December and I am still in pain! Not much, it’s almost back to 100% but I still have some sensitivities. It’s gonna take years to feel like it used too UGH! This injury caused me to miss 2 full months of training which really hampered my pontential success on the national/international scene. And even though I am proud of the end result, I still can’t help but wonder how different it could have been without this set back.

I also got sick 3 times!! For almost 3 years, I didn’t even have a cold and then bam 3 times this year these silly colds and flus tried to take me down! Completely uncalled for in my opinion!

PFT well this didn’t even exist this year lol ok let’s see… spent the first part of the year thinking about Judas… FAIL! June seemed promising, I connected with an old fling and things went well for 6 weeks. Met the friends at a weekend getaway, had some great dates and some great sleep overs when BAM dumped for nothing… FAIL! Told Mr. Perfect I wanted him back and dumping him was the biggest mistake of my life in late summer. I realized I sabotaged a lot of potential relationships because he is all I ever wanted. He stopped talking to me after I confessed my love… EPIC FAIL! Spent fall with a fling that dried up far too quickly and boys hitting on me that couldn’t really measure up to the 2 greatest men I know. Finished the year with a few prospects however again no one I am that into because I am still thinking about “the one that got away”.

I did have a couple of amazing things happen this year but some of the worst. I placed last and wasn’t a finalist at the National Championships. Something that has never happened to me. I had to miss a National Team selection event due to injury and was also not selected for an International assignment due to that same injury. I saw a skill regression that still hasn’t been regained which if you know me, you know that it drives me nuts to think I could be doing better at sport.

I also drank everyday from November 22nd through December 31st :s which is less then positive and highly unneccessary! I didn’t get drunk everyday but I had one or two each night.  I think that’s the final sign I needed that it’s time to take back my life!

Good Ridance 2011! I deserve better!

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