Goodbye Judas

Thank you Taylor Swift for the following musical masterpiece:

I am finally ready to shake off Judas!! You remember him right? The ex-boyfriend that was bad for me yet I couldn’t help but want. The one who dumped me yet kept texting me randomely and saying sweet things and using that terrible L word.

“All this time I was waisting hoping you would come around. I’d been giving out chances every time but all you ever did was let me down.”

Well I am done with that now. I don’t need a “friend” who only texts/talks to me when he is need of something. I don’t want someone who is indecisive and doesn’t know what or who they want in life.

“And now your asking me to listen cause it’s worked each time before.”

So I am taking notes from the book of Taylor Swift! He doesn’t have to call/text anymore, I won’t pick up the phone. He can tell me that he’s sorry but I won’t believe him like I did before because he’s not sorry!

I never thought I’d be the guy who was lonely enough to hold on to something that died long ago just so I had something to hold on to. Besides, he isn’t what I thought he was or hoped he could be. He was my replacement for the great man I lost and we all know most sequels can’t live up to the original. He isn’t so bright anymore and his control over me has completely faded.

Good ridance to the days where I hoped you would text me back. Peace out to the nights I cried or fell asleep thinking about you. And fuck off to the days you made me smile by pretending you were interested. I deserve better…

So goodbye Judas!! See you in hell 🙂 I’ll be the hot one your begging for forgiveness from…

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