He about to lose me…

Ok so once again a song that fits my life all too well.

Britney Spears – He about to lose me

So I am having a small man problem. I am seeing a guy who is a tad older than me, ok more than a tad lol but no matter. It’s been slowly progressing for about 5 weeks now. We aren’t official but I really get the vibe that he wants to be and that he is starting to fall. He is accomplished, has a solid career, is handsome, owns a house and is well-rounded.

2 weeks ago a really cute boy in his early 20’s started pursuing me. He is fresh out of school, a bit rebellious, full of pisaz and a total hottie. He also thinks I’m super sexy and hot which obviously helps and is consistently messaging me flirty nice things.

Now what the “old man” doesn’t realize is that I am shifting towards the rebel. He is just doing a better job of pursuing me. Making me feel wanted, giving me attention, etc… It also helps that he isn’t over a decade older than me lol

Listen to the lyrics, picture what I am going through and let me know what you think I should do? Do I pick youth or experience?

AHHH men never make life easy 🙂


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