Judas vs Judas

Both of my favorite artists have songs named “Judas” on their albums. Both artists take a different approach on the infamous biblical character.

Lady Gaga – Judas

Gaga’s hit uses Judas as the example of the bad guy you can’t help but be in love with. You know he is bad for you, you know he will betray you yet he is still the one your drawn to. Everyone loves the bad boy right?

I know her feeling completely!! My rebound relationship should have been named Judas to be perfectly honest. There was no way anything good was gonna come of it. He is a great guy don’t get me wrong  but I should have just signed up for a pie in the face contest instead. We kept our relationship a secret… like from everyone. Only 2 people were aware we were dating. Secrets don’t workout lol nothing real, ever lasting or meaningful can be created out of lies and secrecy. All of this was his choice of course and I just went along for the ride. I knew it was stupid but I just couldn’t help it. Maybe deep down I knew it wasn’t going to work but wanted the companionship/attention anyways.

“I wanna love you but somethings pulling me away from you. Jesus is my Virtue and Judas is the demon I cling to” These lyrics hit me hard! It’s so true. No matter if you realize the person is bad for you, you still can’t help but fall for them. There is just something about Judas that draws you in, or at least drew me in. In case your wondering, yes he dumped me lol he still sends me messages though and like an idiot, I answer them.

Kelly Clarkson’s take

Listen, I don’t know who fucked with Kelly Clarkson’s heart but good on you. She sings this like she has been betrayed like no one before her (minus Jesus I guess). Her take on Judas is more straight froward from the bible. I treated you well, we were a good team and then you turned into an ass and screwed me.

“I will never be like you, I’ll never do the things you do, selfish and lonely, whats your problem?” Everyone has thought those words at some time or another. I feel it usually with friends. You know when they make terrible decisions in their life out of stupidity or without consulting and make an asshole move.

Speak of the devil, guess who just texted me! Gotta go, Judas is summoning me…


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